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No puppies or adults currently available.


If you are looking for a puppy, check out for a list of other Canadian breeders.

Puppy Video 6 weeks



I breed for quality not quantity. Consequently, I generally only have a litter every 2 - 4 years. I will post planned litters in this space.


Manchesters, while very adaptable, are not breed that suits every family or lifestyle. I strongly encourage breed research, talking to breeders, meeting a Manchester and spending some time with one, if possible. Below are some links to articles about the breed as well as my Puppy Policy.


Placing puppies with families is the beginning of a long term relationship. I try to carefully screen prospective families for suitability for not only the breed, but for the particular puppy personality. While a puppy can always be returned to me, I strive to find good matches that ensure a forever home. 


Puppy Policy

Puppy Application 

Living With A Manchester

Breed History & Standard

Is a Manchester the Right Breed for You

Questions to Ask Breeders



Breeding for Quality & Health

Calgary, Alberta, Canada  


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