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Puppy Policy



We appreciate your interest in one of our puppies, and ask that you please read the Puppy Policy before filling out a Puppy Application. The following policy is to give you an idea of the procedure and responsibilities of both the buyer and the seller, and above all, protect the puppy from harm.


  • We require a Puppy Application from all prospective buyers.

  • Please do not be offended by the strict nature of our policy. It is meant to deter puppy buyers that do not understand the lifetime responsibility of puppy ownership, or are looking to breed outside of the CKC guidelines. It is not our intention to interfere with puppy ownership, but only keep the puppy's best interest in the forefront.


  • We reserve the right to not sell or place a puppy with anyone we choose, for any reason. If we decide not to place a puppy for any reason, we will refund any payments/deposits. If the buyer backs out on a puppy purchase for any reason the hold deposit will NOT be refunded. 


  • We require verbal contact with any prospective buyer, prior to approving a home or accepting a deposit. Upon receiving a Puppy Application, we will attempt to make verbal contact, with followup email. If you do not receive a call back within 48 hours of leaving a message. Please try your call again. Our number is (403) 852-0057.


  • Once an applicant is approved, we require a non-refundable deposit of $300 in the form of cheque, cash, or interac transfer to hold a puppy for you. We can also accept Pay Pal (with an additional 3.9 % charge added to payment to cover PayPal fees).


  • Once a verbal agreement has been made, we will wait 3-5 business days for the deposit before returning a puppy to available status. Puppies cannot be held without deposits.


  • All puppies are CKC registered and sold on a co-ownership basis. Companion puppies are sold with spay/neuter contracts, and are required to be spayed or neutered by 9 months of age for males and no later than the first season for females. We will require veterinary confirmation that the puppy has been altered. Once we receive proof from a licensed veterinarian, we will transfer full ownership to you. If we do not receive confirmation in the aforementioned time frames that the puppy has been altered, the health guarantee will become void and we reserve the right to remove the puppy from the buyer’s possession. There will be no refund of the purchase price.


  • Our Health Guarantee warranties your puppy against genetic or congenital disease or defect for 2 years and requires that the buyer keep us updated and send photos on a regular basis. The puppy must be returned to us, and will be replaced with a new puppy. Upon change of address, the owner must notify us no longer than 1 week after move. 


  • We have a PUPPY RETURN POLICY in our contract. If for any reason the buyer is unable or is no longer willing to care for their Blackrystal puppy/dog at any time during its life, it must be returned to us at the buyer’s expense along with its CKC registration certificate.  This is so we can find proper placement and keep our puppies off the streets and out of shelters.  If you wish to place your puppy/dog in a new home, either by sale or custodial transfer on your own, then you must have our prior written consent and you must provide us with the new buyer’s or caretaker`s information. The Health Guarantee is valid for original purchaser only, and not subsequent custodians or owners unless the returned puppy is placed by us.


  • Shipping puppies. Cost of shipping your puppy is the responsibility of the purchaser and may include flight/transportation costs, crate, and cost of additional veterinary certificates or special handling. We can make arrangements to meet requirements of both parties. SHIPPING IS WEATHER PERMITTING ONLY!


  • All puppies will be vet checked, dew claws removed, microchipped with a CKC-approved chip, have had at least the first set of vaccinations and de-wormings by 8 weeks of age. We usually do not transfer puppies to new owners before 10 weeks of age as this a critical learning period for the little ones. There will be a second and third set of vaccinations needed and this will be the buyer’s responsibility.


  • If ears are to be cropped, puppies are not transferred until at least 2 weeks following surgery which is usually around 10-12 weeks of age. There will be some after care required once stitches are removed and the new owner must be willing to maintain this schedule or risk damaging the ear crop. Cost of cropping is the responsibility of the buyer. We use the services of a vet specialist in Calgary and can make all the necessary arrangements for the procedure. Cost is around $500 excluding transportation, and is subject to change by the vet specialist.


  • All puppies are hand raised and will be given plenty of one-on-one love and attention. We will begin basic obedience, leash & house /crate introduction at 5-6 weeks. No puppy will be available to leave the nest until they are at least 10 weeks of age.


  • Our puppies are very important to us as are to you, the new puppy owner. We are available to answer any of your questions, assist in training if possible, and discuss any other issues you may have with respect to your new puppy. We are always excited to receive pictures and updates on your puppy, as all go on to do great things even if it’s just being a great couch potato.


  • All Puppies are sold on Contracts, either companion or show/breeding - No Exceptions.


 **We reserve the right to make changes to this policy at any time, without any prior notification.**







Breeding for Quality & Health

Calgary, Alberta, Canada  


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